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Holiday Inn Midnight Rose A Fine Work of Art

Holiday Inn

A freak blizzard. A perfect stranger. A sexy Christmas Eve. ...

Midnight Rose

An extraordinary reality. The existence of horrifying evil. The power of love to banish even the darkest shadows. ...

A Fine Work of Art

One of the most attractive men Elizabeth has ever seen, a work of art that stirs wild sensations she has long repressed. ...

"Seraphim is a poignant tale of love and belief. The battle of good vs. evil is clearly outlined in the most basic sense; Michael’s warriors against Lucifer’s minions. Never has the struggle between the two factions been written of so imaginatively. Ms. Reed does a wonderful job of taking a romance and weaving it into a full-bodied love story. I really enjoyed Joachim’s struggle with his ‘human’ side and was surprised that I didn’t mourn the possibility that he would succumb. Gia was a powerful character that grew from page one into an amazing woman. This is a fabulous book and I hope that Ms. Reed writes more along this vein."

- Serena, Fallen Angel Reviews

"With perfected characterization and conflict, this novel is driven by deep emotion and a compelling, animalistic, carnal attraction between the hero and heroine. This one receives five scorching, well-deserved stars. Be sure and have your virile man nearby...!"

Titania Ladley (for Women on Writing)

"Well, this certainly isn't your typical vampire story...the author tured this common plot 180 degrees...wonderfully written, very realistic, sometimes funny and with interesting and unique twists and turns. The love scenes are--as always in Shelby reed's stories--hauntingly beautiful...the ending left me laughing and crying all at once."

Katharina (for Mon Boudoir)


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